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We're a full-service film production that helps move and inspire people in the most responsible and ethical way.

Damien Inderbitzin

We are unapologetically film nerds - every one of us. But we’re also driven by positively impacting our community and the environment. As every project is unique, we draw on an extensive network of freelancers to assemble the best crew of creatives and technicians.

Damien Inderbitzin
Founder and Executive Producer

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Working sustainably is an essential requirement for us. We only have one planet. We want to set an example in the film industry that it is possible to produce engaging audio-visual experiences in a sustainable way.


Our film production embraces diversity, both on and off-camera. We seek a representation of the modern world in all its facets, with a diverse cast, crew, and staff. We combat stereotypes and discrimination by celebrating our shared humanity.


We uphold high standards that extend to all living creatures. Our catering is free from animal products, contributing to both animal welfare and a positive environmental impact.

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