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One Color

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Online & Social Media Campaign

DillySocks partnered with Message Studios for their One Color Collection. DillySocks is a sustainable socks brand based in Switzerland. For the past years, DillySocks focused on graphic design and photography advertising. We were brought to this project to help DillySocks make the next step into audio-visual communication.

One Color is a single color collection for people who want patternless and colorful socks. Our main goal was to accentuate these colorful socks. The styling was purposefully chosen to be bright and quiet and shooting in a studio really helped to focus on the socks. The studio’s windows are pointed to the north which enabled us to shoot with soft, indirect sunlight. The camera movements and the editing were intentionally calm to add to the atmosphere created by the styling and the location.

This project is part of a series we were able to produce for DillySocks.


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